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I remember being so nervous before my first EQA visit. I didn’t sleep the night before. Even though I thought I knew what she’d want to see, I still wasn’t sure. There's no information out there about EQA visit process in any detail.

I’ve now been leading EQA teams for several Awarding Organisations for over six years and I’m passionate about helping centre teams be fully aware of the roles and how they contribute to the ultimate rigour and security of the qualifications.

Since qualifying as an EQA, my understanding of IQA processes improved so much and this turned into an obsession for quality assurance that shaped my career.

Over the years, I’ve seen a wide variety of levels of understanding and application of assessment and internal quality assurance processes. Even now, when I arrive at Centres, they are often fearful, unsure and therefore under prepared. And it's not their fault!

I want this to change!

IQA Support is about connecting the dots, from setting up as a centre/provider, to learner induction to certification and beyond, in both qualifications and apprenticeships.

Let’s take away that fear and unsurity, and equip you to feel confident and assured in your role..

Here’s who IQA Support is for::

✔️ QUALITY ASSURANCE & ASSESSMENT PROFESSIONALS who are ready to take the next step and become qualified at the next level

✔️ IQA’s who want to develop in their role, or upskill themselves or their teams

✔️ EQA’s who want to get qualified to add even more credibility and knowledge to their experience

✔️ NEW CENTRES AND APPRENTICESHIP PROVIDERS going through the approval process who need support with systems and quality processes

✔️ ASPIRING & CURRENT END POINT ASSESSORS who want to learn good practice approaches and obtain a qualification

✔️ CENTRES AND PROVIDERS who want IQA support services such as standardisation, sampling, observations, procedure development.

✔️ COMPANIES who would like to offer qualifications and/or apprenticeships but don’t know where to start.

✔️ PROFESSIONALS who want to learn how to become a trainer.

✔️ AWARDING ORGANISATIONS who want to train and qualify their External Assessment, and Quality Assurance teams.


We are a small team of highly skilled experienced and qualified qualifications and apprenticeships professionals. 


Our vision is to create high quality and flexible solutions to develop understanding and application of Quality Assurance. through training and/or consultancy.


We help centre teams develop their knowledge, skills and expertise to support learners and meet the requirements of Awarding and End Point Assessment Organisations.

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